Experience the first Point and Click Adventure Game based on “Edutainment”.

Play your way through references to Inca history and culture that gently blend with fantasy as you learn of ancient mysteries through more than 300 scenes of stunning graphics. Hunt for gold to help pay the ransom of the captured king, *Atawallpa. (*Quechua for Atahualpa).

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Can You find All of the Gold?

Follow the trails, abandoned ruins, and caves as you solve puzzles and try to avoid traps laid by a bandit. Travel through breathtaking scenes that showcase clay sculpted characters.

This is not a game of action and shooting, but is peppered with fun surprises.

If you like to wander and figure things out while you hunt for treasures of gold in more than 15 fascinating Inca sites, this game is for you whether you are a seasoned adventure gamer or are new to the genre. There are 3 levels of play which can be switched at any time during play. We hope that beyond the fun, The Ransom of Atawallpa will inspire you to dig deeper into the many mysteries of the Incas still hidden in Perú.

Game Scenes

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About the Game

This game features in-game hints and a journal where clues and educational information may be kept for reference. This game also provides a map system to allow jumping to other scenes where an item may have been missed. At the end of the game journal there is a showcase where the awards are displayed for each of the 15 Tambos (Inca sites) successfully completed.

System requirements will be posted upon release and be available for Windows, macOS and iPad iOS.

The Creative Team

The designer and producer of this game (along with others from the team) traveled to Perú to gather materials and to photograph the images used to produce the graphics. Team members sculpted characters with colored clay to create the main characters.

Claudine Lundgren, Producer, designer, artist, photography
Brian Schmidt, Programming, animation, video tech
Leo White Horse, Lead artist, concept designer, graphic artist
Juanita Fandino, Sculptor
Rosalina Fandino, Sculptor
Lee Lawton, Research, beta tester
Pauline Conn, Research, coloring book line art
Kim Welsh, Website designer
Shawndeya Costello, Music, sound engineer
Michael Aasted, Sound engineer
Linda McGill, Puzzle research
Lou Salerni, Editing, narration
Ann Samsell, Photography

Lisa Flores, Photography
Brian Kuebel (SockMan), Photography
Judy Mitchell, Owner of llama model Camas
Jill & Bill Fischer, Photography
Game Engine, Unity
Game Design, Procreate, PhotoShop
Mikael & Eileen Nyquist, Beta testing and review
Frannie Gold, Beta tester, consultant
Synezthezya Labs, Marketing analysis
GameBoomers, Inspiration, promotion
Phoenix Online Studios, Inspiration, promotion
Andean Music, By Permission: Gustavo Leon Flores, from the album MOSQOY, Agrupación Musical Expresión, Musicians: Eli Gustavo Cutimbo, Reynaldo Gamarra, Fernando Olazabal, Darwin Carpio, Angel Romero y Gustavo Leon 

The who and the how

Game designer and producer Claudine Lundgren on site in Peru.

Detailed  handwork on clay sculptures.

Finished clay sculpture ready for photography.

inca man sculpture

The llama who became the model and star of the game.

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